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who are the BogHogs?

the BogHogs are a bunch of 40 something old guys that like to hang around woodland carparks wearing lycra, which is not as dodgy as it sounds.

once we have met in the woodland carpark we like to talk about bikes, using words like xt, shimano, carbon, cassette and other sh*t like that, once we have talked about bikes enough we like to ride a bit.

the part of kent that we ride on is not blessed with hills but has its fair share of singletrack, which criss crosses the area between canterbury and the herne bay whitstable coast, in fact it is crap, so stay away - nothing to see here, go to bedgebury it is much better.

occasionally - once the terrible riding in east kent is exhausted the hogs have ventured to coed y brenin in wales and more recently swiss normandy, or suisse normand as some of the more poncey types like to call it.

in summary we are a bunch of guys (12 at the last count) who ride mountain bikes around the woods in east kent, actually make that eleven guys as one of the group shaves his legs so can't be classed as a guy(he knows who he is - hang your head in shame).

Tales from the Trails

Why mountain biking? Well remember when you were twelve and you had a Raleigh Arena to which you bolted a set of cow horns... read more

In the woods at night you get to see a wide range of wildlife: badgers, foxes, owls, lots of rabbits and if you are at the back the drooling fanged monster off the cover of the Iron Maiden album that is right behind you - just don't look round... read more

100k, six of the toughest hills in Kent, temp -1, wind chill - 7, that will be the Hell of the Ashdown then... read more

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