You want to meet us?

if after reading our site you want to meet with us for a ride we meet pretty much every Sunday at 8.30am at clowes wood car park on the road between canterbury and chestfield, you can email us on

Please note we are not an official club, just a group of riders who choose to ride together, none of the riders are qualified guides and we have no accident or liability insurance, so if you ride with us you do so at your own risk. Mountain Biking can be dangerous and you should ride within your limits and always wear a helmet. To ride with us you will need a well maintained bicycle that is suitable for the purpose of riding off road, a reasonable set of spares, tubes, pump, multitool etc.

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Tales from the Trails

Why mountain biking? Well remember when you were twelve and you had a Raleigh Arena to which you bolted a set of cow horns... read more

In the woods at night you get to see a wide range of wildlife: badgers, foxes, owls, lots of rabbits and if you are at the back the drooling fanged monster off the cover of the Iron Maiden album that is right behind you - just don't look round... read more

100k, six of the toughest hills in Kent, temp -1, wind chill - 7, that will be the Hell of the Ashdown then... read more

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